Thứ Hai, 3 tháng 6, 2013

Why Home is Man?

Every day we live, work, enjoy, relax ... We do many things and we relax, sleep. Reraly we mention how to sleep in where with good conditions for our relax.Nobody interest  It is simple for people living together with their family. But we cannot live with our family for ever. We must at once time live ourselves in our own home .

As a man, home need to cultivate, to nurish , to nurse and to care . We have freedom, a lot of time and love in there. Whether bad or good situations in life activities, we all go home to relax and start the beginning day.   All aims to bring the hapiness , satisfaction to man.

Have you ever think in picture about our home, our own home when it only stay in our mind, it do not occur yet in reality. You must take your time to do it, to think it. The more you put it in your mind early the more you regconize the meaningful of home is man. In particular , at many time you stop your work , sitting down in quite place, at near the end of day, you feel the immense sense emerging in your soul, in your thoughts:
A Home !

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